Uncontested = less expensive!

If Divorce is Imminent…Aim for Uncontested.

Divorce is never easy.  Not only is your life flipped upside down, divorce can destroy you financially as well.  For many, an uncontested divorce can make this difficult time a lot less painful.  Uncontested divorce means “no contest.”  In other words, the couple is able to agree, outside of court, on all issues surrounding the divorce.  Often times, clients believe there is no way they could agree on everything; after all, emotions are running high.  A good attorney can often mean the difference.

When clients come in to discuss divorce, we are able to determine what the issues are in their specific case, and offer solutions to settling their differences outside court.  Once clients understand their options, they are much more likely to be able to come to an agreement on what once seemed an impossible issue.

A contested divorce can cost you thousands of dollars on attorney fees.  Not to mention the emotional impact it can have on both parties.  Furthermore, you will need to attend court – costing you more in legal fees and time away from work.  An uncontested divorce not only costs significantly less, it keeps you out of court, and in most cases the entire process is done in six weeks or less!  Compared to months and even years with the average contested divorce, time saved is often the reason couples will choose this route!

If you are facing divorce, call our office for your free consultation today at 702-515-1500.  Our caring, honest attorneys will work with you to see if an uncontested divorce will work for your specific case.