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Pet Trusts

Our beloved furry family members are 100% dependent on us.  Failing to properly plan for care of your pets upon your passing or during times of incapacity, can have devastating and even fatal effects on your pets.


The State of Nevada treats your pets as personal property.  This means they are only given the same consideration as your personal clothing or furniture!  In other words, very little.


Pets are creatures of nature.  When something happens to their owner(s), they are left confused, scared, and most have difficulty adjusting to a new environment if they are lucky enough to have someone who steps in to care for them.  Furthermore, no one automatically notifies others that you have pets.  So if you pass away or become incapacitated, your pets are simply waiting for you to come home.  Many are left without food or water, and sadly, many pass or are euthanized.


At Devine Law Firm, we believe in protecting your entire family – including your pets.  We are proud to offer our Gladys Pet Trust, which ensures that your pets are fully provided for should you be unable to care for them.  The Trust is a flat-rate of $100.00 and every cent goes to a charity for animals.


Here are a few benefits of the Trust:

  • You appoint a caretaker for your pets and a backup (or more than one if you desire) in case that caretaker is unable to step in who will serve as the new owner of your pets;

  • You can choose to leave a set amount of funds to this caretaker for the life of your pet to ensure enough funds are available for their care and medical needs;

  • The ability to set restrictions and conditions on the funds – such as requiring the caretaker to take your pets for an annual vet checkup and identification process (that prevents a caretaker from taking the funds and simply euthanizing your pet);

  • You can leave a set of detailed instructions regarding the care of your pet such as their medical needs, what food they eat, their schedule etc.  All ensuring that your pet’s routine is disrupted as minimally as possible; and

  • Ensure that your pets are immediately cared for in the event you are unable to.


Why Can't I Just Leave my Pets to Someone in my Will?

A Will requires probate.  It could be weeks or even months before someone obtains your Will and takes possession of your pets, which may be too late.

How do I Fund a Pet Trust?

There are multiple options to funding your trust.  Many of our clients take out a small term life insurance policy with the Pet Trust as sole beneficiary, others leave a portion of their estate to the Pet Trust.  Your attorney will discuss all of your options with you.

Why is your Trust so much less expensive than other firms?

It is our way of giving back.  We want to encourage everyone to take care of all family members!  All proceeds go directly to animals in need.

What is the Process Like?

  • Come in to meet with your attorney for a free consultation (many add this in with planning their own estate plans);
  • Fill out the documentation needed;

  • Come in for your signing where your attorney will assist you with funding your trust.


Call us today for your free consultation!  (702) 515-1500